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Manchester & District Ladies Golf Association

President 2021 - Mrs Susan Milroy


I am delighted to have been asked to continue as President for 2021 and very pleased that the committee have agreed to join me.

Mrs Susan Milroy

Mrs Susan Milroy
President 2021

2020-What a year! M&D decided to cancel all of our competitions once it became apparent that we would be unable to hold the Bell Cup and Bunty Booth finals.

We have had some issues to resolve in 2020. Having had no competitions there wouldn’t have been any reports for the AGM, which would then have been solely for the purpose of carrying out the Bell Cup Draw. Having decided that we would only please 50% of the clubs whatever we did, we decided to cancel the AGM and carry the 2020 draw over to 2021. The good news, which will have pleased everyone, is that subscriptions for 2020 have also been carried over.

It will be interesting to see what the impact, if any, the WHS will have on our competitions. We shall have to monitor the situation and resolve in 2022 any unforeseen problems which might arise.

We are hoping that all of our competitions will take place this year, but we shall have to work around the restrictions which are somewhat unpredictable. Our first concern will be the completion of the first round of the Bell Cup by 23rd of April.

The entry forms for the competitions will be sent out to the Secretaries in January and are available on our website, mdlga.co.uk, We hope to see as many of you as possible, restrictions permitting.
Meanwhile, stay safe and best wishes for 2021.

- Mrs Susan Milroy, President 2021.